The First French Clay Spa in the Philippines


Hand Clay Spa

Php 450.00

Running late for a date? Give your hands a quick treat. It's like our Organic Beauty Hand Treatment minus the scrub to give your hands a longer clay massage. Try it!

Foot Clay Massage

Php 550.00

Your tired feet deserves a relaxing treat. Indulge in the bliss of soothing relaxation as our therapist kneads your tired feet using Argiletz French Green Clay. We will cap off your treatment with lotion or oil of your choice to leave your feet feeling moisturized

Organic Beauty Hand Treatment

Php 600.00

Your hands are the most hard-working part of your body doing all sorts of tasks from the mundane to the extra challenging. Give your pretty pair a much-needed pampering with our Organic Hand Treatment. Our therapist will start them off with a good rub using our special organic scrub, then a soothing application of Argiletz French Green Clay, to finish with a generous dab of moisturizing cream to leave your hands smooth and silky.

Organic Beauty Foot Treatment

Php 700.00

Nothing is more relaxing than pampering your tired feet after a long day. Just sit back and relax as our therapist start the rejuvenating process with our special organic feet scrub - gently removing dead skin cells and purifying the skin. Your tired, achy feet will be treated with all the attention it needs as our therapist gives you a well-deserved foot massage using our Argiletz French Green Clay. To cap it off, your feet will be treated with our Argiletz organic nourishing cream, to leave your feet the feeling soothed and nourished.

Signature Face Clay Mask + Organic Moisturizing Cream

Php 750.00

Even if you don't have 75 mins for our Organic Facial Treatment, you can give yourself almost the same treat for about half the time and still feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Get smooth, silky skin with our Argiletz French Clay Mask and organic moisturising cream. A must for busy women like you.

Organic Facial Treatment

Php 1,200.00

Legend has it that if you apply beeswax, almond milk, essential oils, and herbs on your face and bask under the eternal glow of the full moon for and hour during the summer solstice you will have youthful, glowing skin as smooth as a baby's behind.

Myth or not, why go through all the hassle when you can achieve the same result with our Organic Facial Treatment? Our therapists are experts in exfoliating the skin with the help of our organic scrub and Argiletz French Clay Masks that are created especially for your skin type. To top it off, our moisturising will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Absolutely Organic Treatment Package

Php 2,500.00

Cleopatra is known the world over as a great temptress and beauty icon. Her beauty secrets are sought to this day in the search of the key to everlasting beauty. However, you don't have to be a Cleopatra to indulge in luxurious relaxation.

With Absolutely Organic, you will be treated like a queen with our full range of French spa treatments that will invigorate and pamper you from head to toe. Be treated to a relaxing organic facial and rejuvenate your tired hands and feet with our organic hand and feet treatment.

*Your package comes with complimentary use of our shower and sauna to give you that holistic French spa experience you so well deserve.

Quick Clay Stress Relief

  • Php 380.00

  • Php 300.00

  • Php 350.00

Running late for a date? Too busy to let it go? At times a short but meaningful break in your busy day is all you need to give you that rejuvenating feel. Experience Beaute d' Argile's quick and refreshing 30 minute treatments that will give you the energy for the next mile!

French Clay Treatment Packages

Package 1

(Combination of Foot Clay Massage and Hand Clay Massage)

Php 900.00

Package 2

(Combination of Foot Clay Massage and Organic Beauty Hand Treatment)

Php 1,050.00

Package 3

(Combination of Organic Foot Treatment and Organic Beauty Hand Treatment)

Php 1,200.00

Package 4

(Combination of Foot Clay Massage and our Signature Face Clay Mask + Moisturizing Cream)

Php 1,200.00

Package 5

(Combination of Foot Clay Massage and our Signature Face Clay Mask + Organic Moisturizing Cream)

Php 1,250.00

Package 6

(Combination of Signature Face Clay Mask and Organic Beauty Foot Treatment)

Php 1,350.00

Package 7

(Combination of Foot Clay Massage and Organic Facial Treatment)

Php 1,650.00

Package 8

(Combination of Organic Beauty Hand and Organic Facial Treatment)

Php 1,700.00

Package 9

(Combination of Organic Beauty Foot Treatment and Organic Facial Treatment)

Php 1,800.00

Package 10

(Combination of Organic Facial Treatment, Organic Hand Treatment, Organic Foot Treatment, Inclusive of Sauna and Shower)

Php 2,500.00


Ultra-ventilated green clay

This approximately 20 micron ultra-ventilated fine green clay powder is 100% natural and sun dried. It is exceptionally rich in minerals which are helpful for the body. With its pleasant fine texture, this green clay makes you feel more feminine instantly. As a beauty mask green clay purifies and tones the skin from the inside and leaves it wonderfully soft to touch. You will love your new, younger-looking complexion.

Ultra-ventilated yellow clay

Yellow little clay has been selected fo its soothing properties. The ultra-ventilated yellow clay is fine and is very close in mineral composition to green clay and acts quickly to leave you feeling calm. Exfoliating and purifying, it works wonders on all skin types and its fine texture is soft and smooth against your skin.

Ultra-ventilated red clay

Red little clay is soft clay prized for its toning properties. Red clay ultra-ventilated powder works like magic to bring out the shine in both hair and skin. Its secret lies in its ferrous oxide content, which clears the complexion and leaves skin glowing and wonderfully silky to the touch.

Ultra-ventilated white clay

White kaolin clay is ultra-soft, more neutral, and is an excellent pore cleanser. White clay ultra-ventilated powder form, is a natural source of minerals and trace elements, this natural pH white kaolin clay is kind even to sensitive skin, and exceptionally softening. Its remakably pore cleansing properties combat dullness and bring out your natural shine instantly.

Green clay mask

Coloured clay mask for oily skin. Wonderfully healthy for oily skin, this green clay mask is gentle on your face whilst thoroughly cleansing and absorbing excess sebum. leaves your face feeling amazingly fresh.

Pink clay mask

Coloured clay mask for sensitive skin. This delicious pink clay mask has fabulous pore cleansing properties which bring out your natural glow whilst gently caring for even the most delicate skin type.

White clay mask

Coloured clay mask for tired skin. Wonderfully healthy for your face, this white clay mask softly cocoons your skin and leaves it feeling rested and looking alive and radiant.

Red clay mask

Coloured Red clay mask for dry skin. This mask effectively rebalances your skin whilst gently purifying and cleansing the face to bring out its natural glow leaving it exceptionally radiant.

Yellow clay mask

Coloured clay mask for combination skin. This yellow clay mask gently exfoliates and stimulates your skin whilst rejuvenuating and revitalising every cell.

Moisturizing face cream

With its remarkably fine texture, this face cream made with pink clay is rich in calcium to deeply replenish your skin. The truly soothing and revitalising properties of aloe vera, calendula and avocado oil rich in vitamins A, B and E as sources of antioxydants, encourage pure and exceptionally radiant skin. Your face will simply glow.

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